Live Blood Analysis

blood_cellsYour blood is your life force and every cell of your body depends on nutrients and oxygen from the blood. Most people do not know what condition their blood is in because they do not have the opportunity to look at it. With Live Blood Microscopy you are able look at your own blood at a cellular level under a powerful microscope connected to a camera and displayed on a screen.

Live Blood Microscopy, also known as darkfield microscopy, is a term used for the viewing of live blood under a microscope. A sample of capillary blood is taken via a finger prick and both practitioner and client can view the red and white blood cells, platelets and some micro-organisms present in the blood whilst still alive and moving. The blood is not stained or treated in any way as it is in the usual pathology blood tests.

Our blood is responsible for transporting and delivering oxygen and nutrients to each cell in the body, as well as carrying carbon dioxide and wastes to the organs of elimination.

Live blood analysis is not a diagnosis of any condition, nor does it replace conventional medical blood tests. Further information cannot be given because the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) prohibits further information being displayed on this website. For more information regarding live blood analysis, please contact Jackie.

Pilot research study on Live Blood Analysis

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