Homeobotanical tinctures are made from organically grown, homeopathically prepared herbs, developed by a team of Homeopaths in Auckland, New Zealand and complement a naturopathic treatment in the following way:

  • Detoxifying and organ drainage
  • Nutritive
  • Balancing
  • Gentle
  • Safe

Homeobotanical formulas are combined into a bespoke formula during the consultation. The drops taste pleasant and are taken three times daily to gently detoxify, energise, balance and calm. The remedies are the perfect support for deeper acting homeopathic remedies and I may select and combine formulas, so each blend is unique and tailored to the individual client.

The cost of each bottle of tincture is £20

There are fifty-two individual mother tinctures but here are a few of my favourite blends.

HB Immuity is a proven immuno-stimulant tonic containing: Astralagus, Baptisia, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Licorice, Olive Leaf, Red Sage, and Thyme. Enhances the production of lymphocytes and stimulates T-cell activity. It can be used internally and externally whenever antiseptic and antimicrobial treatment is needed.

HB Female addresses menstrual irregularities, miscarriage, menopause and the effects of hormonal treatments. Contains: Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Chaste Tree, Cramp Bark, Licorice, Motherwort, Pasque Flower, Shepherds Purse, Squaw Vine and Wild Yam. Supports the endocrine system and balances periods, relieving menstrual and premenstrual symptoms, including pain.

HB Female Plus addresses the primary cause of menstrual and menopausal distress, with a particular affinity for night sweats and hot flushes. Contains the same herbs as HB Female with the addition of Paeonia.

HB Orchitis is primarily a tonic to support make sexual function – enlarged prostate with inflammation, impotence, inability to ejaculate, general imbalance of male hormones. Contains: Chaste Tree, Epilobium, Horsetail, Hydrangea, Nettle, Pasque Flower, Saw Palmetto, Siberian Ginseng, Tribulus.

HB Zest is a general restorative for emotional and adrenal exhaustion due to stressful living. Contains: Cayenne, Damiana, Ginger, Kola Nut, Korean Ginseng, Licorice, Withania. Rejuvenates digestion, circulation, hormonal equilibium, stamina, memory and libido.

HB Gastrointestinal supports liver, bowel and colon function and the lower part of the digestive system by restoring peristalsis and promoting daily evacuation and general detoxification. Contains: Buckthorn, Butternut, Cascara, Dandelion, Licorice, Rhubarb, Senna. Gives relief for obstinate constipation and restores normal digestive processes.

HB Digestion relieves acute and chronic disturbances in the stomach and upper part of the digestive system, such as heartburn, nausea and vomiting (from pregnancy or travel sickness), colic, flatulence, bloating Contains: Chamomile, Cinnamon Quills, Condurango, Fenugreek, Gentian, Marigold, Marshmallow, Meadowsweet, Peppermint.

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