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Dear Jackie. Where to begin with thanking you for all the ways you have helped with my health, especially my allergies, since we met two years ago. It is hard to find the words to describe how liberating it is for me to be free of them. I'm so thrilled to be able to write to let you know how much I relish having an unrestricted diet these days and what a real joy it is to be well when I'm around my friends and family with their numerous pets.  In particular, it means the world to me that I became pregnant so readily, had a healthy pregnancy this time, and that coming up to her first birthday, our daughter is allergy free and healthy.  Heartfelt thanks Jackie. 

~ Susie G

Sixteen years ago I was diagnosed by a dermatologist with a perfume allergy. Anything with the word ‘Parfum’ in the ingredients I wasn’t allowed to use. After a few years it became part & parcel of my life, but a year ago I started developing skin irritations on my legs again. This time after endless amounts of steroid creams I decided to look elsewhere. I came across Jackie at Solar Health Clinic and she used NAET to rid me of this irritating allergy. 18 months later I am freely using perfumed bubble baths & moisturisers. And even squirting perfume on my skin. Jackie has changed my life completely. I have recommended her to many friends & family.

~Sarah M

My seven year old son has suffered from anaphylaxis to nuts, dairy, eggs and kiwi fruit since he was a baby. This meant keeping away from even traces of these foods and our home was definitely a nut free zone. Friends, family and school were all ‘trained’ in thinking twice before bringing any food near him. Everywhere he went, from school to trips out, he always carried his EpiPens and his own food bag. Especially difficult were friends’ birthday parties, where he could not eat any of the party food, or the tempting birthday cakes.

Meeting Jackie quite simply changed our lives. Performing NAET and NMT was simple and non intrusive. Jackie explained that the body was wrongly ‘programmed’ so it mistook simple foods to be harmful and so reacted severely to avoid it entering the body. NAET and NMT was a form of ‘re-programming’ the body to realise that the foods were not harmful at all. After the first session, Jackie showed us how to continue the treatment for each allergen at home. After only about 3 subsequent sessions with Jackie, my son was able to try milk products and egg.

It has been amazing that he can now eat cakes and egg pasta with no reaction. He now loves milk, chocolate (unsurprisingly!), and enjoys cheese, although he sometimes gets an upset stomach after processed cheese, so we stick to organic. Even though we won’t be giving him nuts to eat, at least if he eats a product with traces of nut, we can rest assured that he will not have a major reaction. Life now means a freedom from checking every food label, from asking to check the ingredients of a dish with the chef in a restaurant, from remembering to pack his own food for a journey, and best of all, freedom to eat party food and plenty of birthday cake!

~Amiaty P.

Several years ago, and quite some way into adult life, I developed a nut allergy, my reaction was quite severe with my throat swelling up and a rash developing on my body, I had great difficulty breathing and had to be treated in hospital. Following the only advice given by the hospital, I began living my life checking all food packaging to see its contents and avoiding foods containing traces of nuts. After a chance meeting with Jackie, she informed me of the NAET treatment and how it could assist. I completed 4 treatments with Jackie and by the final treatment I was able to have a whole Brazil nut (the nut I was most allergic to) rested on my lip without any reaction at all. I am now free to eat foods which contain traces of nuts without worrying about my symptoms re-occurring. This has been most useful to me when travelling abroad, as I do not have to worry about every dish which I choose to eat, where I have less control and understanding over the ingredients used. I can highly recommend Jackie and the NAET treatment to treat a nut allergy. Her expertise in this field when detailing the treatment immediately put me at ease and the results have given me freedom to eat a much wider range of foods.

~M Campanella, Coventry.

I have for many years suffered with regular sneezing fits and have generally had congestion problems in the ear, nose and throat areas which left me with a lot of catarrh and gunk. I was always sniffing and blowing my nose which, if not unpleasant enough, also gave me headaches. As a child, I had the standard hospital allergy tests which, from memory (I was 10 or so) revealed that I suffered from hay fever and had a dust allergy. I had been living off antihistamines for most of my life which left me drowsy. The antihistamines were not entirely successful either, especially early mornings when I used to wake up completely bunged-up. To tell you the truth, I was sceptical about alternative therapies having been brought up to see doctors all of my life. However, I thought I would give Jackie Reader at Solar Health a go following a number of recommendations and I am now happy to eat my words. Jackie identified various allergies (dust allergies particularly (primarily bedroom dust) but also more specific hay fever diagnosis, grass not pollen) and following their identification my ear, nose and throat areas have improved and my general bunged-up feeling has all but disappeared. I now wake up every morning much clearer.I have to say that I do not know exactly how the treatment works but, after four sessions, it was definitely worth it.

~Kevin S, Sevenoaks.

Over the last fifteen years I have suffered with multiple food allergies which made my life somewhat of a nightmare - I was eventually only eating yogurt and chicken. I consulted a large number of health shops who carry out allergy testing with no positive results, I went to Guys hospital who decided it was Candida, which reacts to yeast and sugar and as these are found in most foods I lived on Piriton. I then contacted Jackie Reader, who said she would try to help me clear my allergies. Having seen Jackie is the best decision I made as she did what she said she would, namely clear my allergies, and I am now able to eat and enjoy any food I like.

~P Atkins, Sevenoaks

After many years using expensive neutralising injections for my many allergies, I found this method didn't cover my increasing number of environmental allergies, which the NAET treatments with Jackie Reader have done - including tap water, salt, carbon, latex, cotton, feathers and many different chemicals, as well as many foods.  I now only see Jackie Reader once or twice a year and am now able to treat myself when items need boosting.  NAET has been a lifesaver for me.  

~Sheila H, Tunbridge Wells


I just wished I had known about Jackie years ago! My daughter who has just turned 8 years old has suffered from asthma for 8 months every year from around October to April/May. Each year has got progressively worse and the last two years have been a nightmare. The asthma was not under control and my daughter had countless sleepless nights. I took her to see Jackie in August 2009 and to date she has not had one cold, cough or more importantly, asthma - I cannot thank Jackie enough. I was told she would have asthma all her life and that this winter she would have to have to be on steroids! Jackie is amazing!

~Sarah B.


I had been in terrible pain for seven months and had to give up work. I tried various therapies (including two months with a local chiropracter, after which the pain was as bad as before the treatment). I was pretty desperate when I read an article in Saga magazine in summer about the Bowen Technique. I phoned the given number and was given the name of a local therapist, Jackie Reader, and, in considerable paid with sciatica (and a probable slipped disc) and inflammation, had 3-4 treatments and all the pain and discomfort disappeared! I'm now back to work and have a regular, enjoyable exercise programme, am active and happy. I could not be more delighted as Jackie gave me my life back and I am deeply grateful. I shall have some 'top ups' to keep my back healthy. It was also helpful in terms of supplements which also helped enormously to speed my recovery - I was amazed at the speed of the healing process - and am now recommending Jackie to all who will listen.

Pain is such a misery and I'd like people to be aware of this treatment. It could help so many to resume their normal lives. The treatment itself was very pleasant and relaxing.
~Anna Browning, Otford

I have for several years suffered with a very stiff and sore shoulder and had been to doctors and to chiropractors asking for help but with no avail, so I was somewhat sceptical when I was recommended to Solar Health for help. I can't say I understood exactly how it worked but with just three visits I can now get up in the morning without any pain at all - what a relief.

~Dennis S, Wrotham

Meeting Jackie has been a life changing experience for me... not only has she cured me of candida but has helped me with many other aspects of my life. Jackie has a unique quality to help and listen. In my life I always seem to do that to everyone else but Jackie has listened to me for a change! And now I have changed my eating habits for life and lost over a stone (which is an added bonus). The amazing thing is that I went to Jackie with just one problem but because she listens to your way of life and how you are as a person then other problems appear, some of which are health and some of which are emotional, and she will then go that extra mile to help you resolve these issues as well. I know that in the future if ever I have any problems again I would not hesitate in going back to Jackie. This lady is not only clever but is kind and caring too... Thankyou, Jackie ~ x Mary L
I had suffered from recurring thrush which would occur at least once a month, and the doctors said they were unable to help me. This went on for about two years and I was feeling quite depressed and just didn’t know how to make myself better. Luckily I was browsing the internet one day, and I found ‘Solar Health’ and thanks to Jackie’s help with a slight alteration of my diet, I now have a lot more energy and am on the road to recovery. ~K.D. Sevenoaks, Kent
In March of 2005 I visited my GP as I was concerned at being 2 stone overweight, constantly feeling tired and frequently suffering from heartburn and thrush on my tongue. The response was an overwhelming sense of apathy and a packet of lozenges! I had also being seeing a hypnotist to try and cope with the weight loss and after it became apparent that I was suffering something more than my inability to stop eating and drinking, she referred me to Jackie Reader. After an initial consultation, Jackie quickly diagnosed that I was suffering from Candida (thrush of the gut) which can be attributed to a number of causes. After a few months of very strict dieting and supplements to eradicate the cause and repopulate my gut with the right sort of bacteria, I became 2.5 stone lighter, full of energy and generally feeling more alert and confident than I had for many years. 6 months on and my weight is still stable. Jackie’s treatment is friendly, supportive, informative and obviously, very effective. I have learnt a great deal from her on nutrition and the benefits of a healthy diet. I am also so much more streetwise regarding the rubbish and poisons put into everyday food to make it more appealing to us by manufacturers. ~Peter G, Edenbridge
Hi Jackie Remember me??? I came to see you last May and you told me I had Candida Albicans. I was 15 stone fat, allergic to everything and felt at my total lowest. After your help and inspiration and hard work from me I am now down to 9st size 8/10 clothes and look and feel amazing! I bumped in to someone I worked with a few years ago and she really didn't recognise me!  I always tell everyone that it is down to having visited you and I think the ex work mate I saw recently has made an appointment with you for July sometime. I have also always suffered from dreadful hayfever but have to tell you I have not had one sneeze this year and can only put it down to my getting rid of that horrible Candida. Thank you Jackie for all your help it has been a long years road but think I have finally reached my goal as my partner of eight years and I are getting married next Friday. ~Sally HB

After suffering from continuous diarrhoea for 5 months, with no diagnosis from my GP or hospital specialists, I began to fear that it would be a permanent condition. I had lost a lot of weight and felt very weak and hardly able to leave the house.

Then a friend recommended Jackie. In spite of my scepticism about alternative therapies, I felt desperate, so went to see her. Jackie soon allayed my fears with her straightforward approach. It was such a relief to talk to someone who looked at the whole problem, recognised my symptoms, discussed possible causes and suggested treatments that might help. Within two weeks the supplements she recommended had started to make a difference, and after 6 weeks my digestion had returned to normal - in fact, better than it had ever been and my overall health hugely improved. 

I was eventually diagnosed as having a form of colitis, for which the specialist said there was no treatment. Jackie has proved otherwise. I cannot thank her enough for her help.  

~JC Maidstone​


I visited Jackie at Solar Health for a series of three sessions of colonic hydrotherapy.  My main reason for undertaking the treatment is a firm belief that if you cleanse the body of toxins it is better able to function. Since the treatments, one each week for three weeks, I have felt increased energy levels and have particularly noticed that I am not experiencing that "afternoon slump".  I am also more aware generally of what I am putting into my body, it has boosted my desire to be and feel well. Apart from the colonic hydrotherapy, Jackie deals with other health related issues, I found the blood test interesting and informative.  It is a real comfort to know that there is a professional in my local area who is able to help me maintain a level of health that suits my body and lifestyle goals.

~ Gill R


Hi jackie

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your invaluable help in restoring my bowel to a more normal function after having recurring periods of chronic constipation for almost a year. I am still amazed that you turned my situation around in less than a week! Your approach regarding the right diet, herbs and of course colonic therapy did the trick.  Thanks to you I am free of laxatives and the terrible physical and mental stress of chronic constipation. Rest assured I will have no hesitation in recommending your superior treatment to anyone I know who find themselves in a similar situation.

Once again sincere thanks to you Jackie for relieving me of a heavy burden (pun intended!)

Marcus Smart


Freedom from cystitis after 20 years!

At a friend's recommendation, I visited Jackie Reader in the hope that she may be able to help me with my cystitis.  I had suffered for 20 years with the condition, where I would get around 4 of 5 attacks a year.  Endless antibiotics and operations had done nothing to cure my condition.  It is a year since I first saw Jackie and following some very simple steps, I am delighted to report that my cystitis is a thing of the past.  The whole experience has changed my life and I cannot thank Jackie enough for all that she has done.  

~ Helen, Orpington


I was diagnosed with severe Endometriosis three months ago and I was told that surgery was my only option. I was in so much pain with cramping, constant exhaustion and depression I was in despair and desperate. I was all booked in for surgery but cancelled it when I was told there was no 'cure' and I either had to have surgery for the rest of my life or take very strong drugs that would give me nasty side effects. I was determined to sort it in alternative ways. I did a liver flush as advised by Jackie, and also took supplements to kick-start my energy levels. I also had five sessions of Bioresonance, and the results in two months were just incredible. It's still early days but this month I had no cramps whatsoever, my constant exhaustion has vanished, and my upset stomach and feelings of nausea and dizziness also vanished.  I feel now that I have to tell the world about this because there are so many women out there suffering when there is indeed 'a cure'.  

 ~Ann Palmer, Herts


I have benefitted hugely from the suggested treatment and now feel more like my old self again at long last. The appointment was fascinating and highly professional, and I strongly believe that the methods Jackie Reader used to investigate the runnings of the body along with her comprehensive knowledge of it may well be exactly what is needed to help people with a whole range of complaints and disorders that GPs often miss, disregard or simply do not understand.  The liver cleanse she got me to do isn't an enjoyable experience by any means but it was enormously successful in boosting my energy levels throughout the day as well as my general mood, concentration, sleeping patterns etc...   I'd seriously encourage everyone to do it.

 ~ N Goldinham, St Leonards-on-Sea


My baby at 11 months old was still not sitting up properly and was behind his peers in terms of development. Despite seeing physiotherapists and consultants we still weren’t seeing any improvements. I had seen Jackie myself for IBS and she’d taken a keen interest in my son as she got me in good health to conceive him. I e-mailed her late one Friday night to tell her that his motor skills seemed delayed and how upset we were and I got a call the next morning telling us to go and see her that day. We were so grateful as we’d really hit rock bottom wondering if he was ever going to reach these milestones. No doctors could tell us what was wrong with him and all the regular tests came back clear. We’ve seen Jackie for 10 sessions of The Bowen Technique now (approx 10 mins at a time) and the improvement is remarkable. He’s now 14 months and sitting and crawling and has caught up with his peers. We are absolutely delighted and can’t thank Jackie enough. We call her our angel as she really has made such a difference to our lives. After each session, even the first one, we saw an improvement. Also he was much happier and far less frustrated. He was always in such a good mood after the sessions, it made life much easier for us as tired new parents! Jackie really is so generous with her time and advice and we would go as far to say as she’s worked a miracle with our little boy.

~ Victoria Lovat, Sevenoaks


I would like to say thank you for your help and kindness over the summer months this year.  I have been suffering with bad hayfever for many years since a young child. Very badly irritated eyes, runny nose, sneezing and general feeling like I had got a bad cold.

I was recommended to Jackie by a work colleague she helped a few months ago and so gave her a call. Jackie was so helpful and understanding and immediately wanted to help. I was booked in for a first visit a couple of weeks later. Jackie ran through all symptoms relating to my hayfever and also discussed problems I had had with shaving rash and stomach upsets. After this visit I had one more visit a month later. My hayfever has significantly improved this summer, no sore eyes or sneezing that I had suffered with before. Jackie has also been extremely helpful with my mum who suffers quite bad with her nerves. She suggested trying various natural herbal remedies which have helped her. Thank you Jackie so much for all your help, see you next summer!! 

~David Rose, Essex

I know my mum has already let you know, but I wanted to just say thank you so much for all your help along the way in getting Tilly here. We had so many positive comments from all of the midwives (and there were a lot over the 53 hours) about how calm and controlled I was able to stay throughout a very long labour. My partner who, as you know was very worried he wouldn’t be able to cope, turned out to be the best birthing partner I could ever have wished for, he was my voice when I didn’t have one, he didn’t leave my side, he stayed calm and positive when I was finding it hard, stepping back when I needed time, running baths, making sure I had food and water and remembering all the massage bits he had learnt on the course. He also put tapes on and would say ‘do you want to listen to Jackie’ at different points throughout. Without your help I know we wouldn’t have had any of the knowledge or mind power to get through those three days. It didn’t go as planned but we managed 42 of those 53 hours without any medical intervention – we did need help towards the end mainly due to exhaustion and the fact that I just couldn’t dilate. We now have a beautiful baby girl who, even after all those hours, still came out without crying and was calm and content in moments. Thanks you so much and we can’t wait for you to meet her soon.
I was blessed enough to do Jackie's Hypnobirthing and oh my goodness do I have a success story. Jackie guided us through a hypnosis session whilst with her, from than onwards I listened to the recording numerous times to prepare. I had my first and only child in 6 minutes record time and did not tear in the slightest. I can honestly say it was a phenomenal most beautiful experience! I could not have done it without you, thanks so much Jackie for your fabulous advice, techniques and for preparing me. I'm most grateful and have the most placid happy baby due to a calm birthing experience. I gave birth 100% naturally, no sweat. I highly recommend any expectant mum to do Jackie's hypnobirthing course, it is a very substantial tool and helps leaps and bounds. Do it for your baby if not for yourself. Remarkable!

Jackie is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to nutrition.

Her Live Blood Analysis identified deficiencies that my arsenal of supplements had failed to address. I ditched my pills and followed Jackie's advice, making a few simple changes and additions to my diet that have made all the difference to my energy and outlook. When Jackie re-tested my blood at my next appointment, the improvements in my blood cells and plasma were quite extraordinary. Murky UFBs (Unidentified Floating Blobs) were all but gone, signalling a huge improvement in my gut health and improved assimilation of nutrients and vitamins as a consequence. Not only do I feel healthier, but my friends have remarked that I look better too.

Thank you, Jackie.

~Marie B, Sevenoaks


I moved to Sevenoaks in July 2009 and was recommended to Jackie by another therapist who couldn’t help me with my IBS.

I’ve had IBS since 1996 and never had it under control until I met Jackie.  It’s an embarrassing topic to talk about but Jackie makes you feel completely at ease. She has so may different qualifications and therapies to choose from and always explains what she is doing.

I also suffered a traumatic miscarriage and Jackie helped me through it both physically and emotionally. I’m pleased to say that 3 months later I fell pregnant again and went on to give birth to a healthy baby boy.

Jackie is so generous with her time and advice and I would really like to thank her for all her help.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

~Victoria F

After suffering for five years with diarrhoea, bloating, anxiety, never knowing what the cause was (despite never-ending trips to various hospitals), I am now a new person thanks to a close friend putting me in touch with Jackie Reader at Solar Health.

I was put at ease the moment I arrived for my appointment and any embarrassment I felt disappeared. Everything was explained clearly and concisely, I was given nutritional supplements to take and a very good itemised fact sheet of what to avoid and what to enjoy. I can now leave home, go on holiday, feeling confident, without a change of clothes, constantly checking out the nearest ladies room, and eating normally, resulting in more energy, feeling great and confident.

~Sue W, Sevenoaks, Kent


My migraines had been getting worse and more frequent over the past two years and were, in the end, dictating what I could do with my life, which was not a lot! I could not pinpoint what was triggering them, I had found out certain foods I reacted to but still the migraines were there. After going to see Jackie Reader and finding out what foods I reacted to and dealing with these with NAET, and with the help of Bowen Technique, in a matter of weeks my life has been transformed. I have more energy and so far no migraines so I am sticking to my new way of life. Thank you very much.

~Nikki Bendell


Jackie has done wonderful things for my health and made something possible I never believed would be. I first came to see Jackie for help in April 07 in the hope that she might be able to help resolve my severe dog allergy.  My allergy was so serious that the presence of dog hair in the same room as me would make me wheeze and a dog licking me was enough to banish me to bed with bad breathing, vomiting and a terrible migraine for the next two days.  My allergy only appeared when I turned 18 and I desperately missed animal company, especially dogs, to whom I was particularly allergic. 

I tried absolutely everything I could to overcome or at least control this allergy.  Convential allergy medicine, homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, an expensive air-conditioning system, and diet, but sadly all failed me in my search for a cure or relief.  I had resigned myself to a pet-free life when my partner and I were offered the dog of our dreams for rehoming. One last frantic search on the Internet for some shred of hope brought up Jackie's name. I had never come across the treatment she used for allergies and thought it sounded too good to be true. After all the false hopes I had experienced I really had no expectation that the treatment would work - I considered myself an allergy sufferer who was beyond any help and was really just trying this last option so that I could at least tell myself that I had tried everything possible before rejecting the beautiful dog we so much wanted to give a home to.

Jackie was professional and caring right from the start and after one treatment from her my allergy VANISHED - it was miraculous. I would never have believed it except that it happened to me! I was then able to have our one year old Husky, a dream come true. As a Husky, he is one hairy dog so his coat has tested the strength of Jackie's work to it's limit and shown it to be faultless. A couple more sessions since have ensured that I have not had a hint of a symptom in many months, so now my family has another little dog! It is wonderful and more than I could ever have hoped for. If you read this and have a pet allergy, such a tragic and restrictive condition, that you would love to remove forever, all I can say is that Jackie alone sorted me out and made it possible for me to have a pet despite my doubts that anyone could ever help me. I have no hesitation in recommending her for allergy treatment, she is an example for health practitioners to aspire to and a very kind, honest  professional. Thank you Jackie!

~Liz, Canterbury

I wanted to let you know that Oscar's progress around the cats has been amazing.  The wheeziness has almost disappeared, and in fact the only trigger seems to be the cold at the moment, definitely not the cats.  He did suffer from persistently red itchy eyes for maybe a week or 2 after seeing you but that has almost totally gone too now, and he is just completely well and relaxed around the cats.  This is just the best outcome we could have wished for and I'm so grateful to you for treating him so generously and effectively.

~Bryony B


I had suffered for over 20 years with persistent sciatica following a rugby injury and had tried most other therapies over the years with little or no success. As my job often involved a lot of driving this was very stressful. 

After 5 sessions of Bowen, the problem has completely resolved and has not recurred during the past 36 months.

~Peter S Hildenborough

I had 6-7 weeks of physio, doing all the exercises, working on my sciatic nerve as i could not sit down but it just would not get better and I was afraid I would never get back to work. 

After 3 sessions of Bowen Technique with Jackie, the pain was 80% gone and after 5 it was completely gone and i've not felt any pain since.  I'm now back to sitting 7 hours a day or more at my computer at work with no problems whatsoever.

I highly recommend anyone with any physical issues to see Jackie for Bowen Technique. 

~Matt K.


I went and saw Jackie in the hope that she may be able to help with my chronic sinus pain.  As a keen swimmer I have suffered from painful sinusitis for a number of years but it was becoming increasingly painful and was taking over my life.   I was miserable with it.  I had regularly been to see my GP for help with my sinus pain, who suggested I stopped swimming and was given antibiotics which only temporarily helped.  I was off work at Christmas for two weeks with sinusitis when I released I needed something more helpful than just a dose of antibiotics.

When I came to see Jackie I was very tired. I was feeling exhausted from the ongoing sinus pain, constant sneezing alternating with a blocked and runny nose, I had big black bags under my eyes. my skin was crap, I felt bloated, stressed out with my job and long commute. On top of that I was training for a channel relay swim and just felt a bit of a mess.

The diet plan and advice was quite shocking at first and I was not sure if i could do everything I needed to do that Jackie had recommended to me. However, I realised that if I wanted to sort out the pain I was in and sort out how crap I was feeling I needed to make some big changes and so I knuckled down and followed the advice. It wasn't easy but slowly in the first 4 weeks I started to see massive changes. The biggest change was cutting out diary and processed foods. This was a challenge at first but as I noticed the difference it was making it got easier and is now second nature.

I feel so much better thanks to Jackie's help. I have had no sinus pain of sneezing episodes since Feb 2012. I have gone down nearly 3 dress sizes. My skin is clear. I am no longer bloated. I have more energy. I feel 100 times better! Jackie has helped me make lasting lifestyle changes (which I'm so very grateful for)! I cannot recommend her help highly enough!

~Victoria Hill, Sevenoaks