Clinical Nutrition

vegNutritional therapy is a system of healing based on the belief that food, as nature intended, provides the medicine we need to obtain and maintain a state of health. Although some health problems require specific medication, many conditions can be relieved effectively with nutritional therapy. These include disorders ranging from irritable bowel syndrome, coeliacs disease, chronic fatigue, energy loss, candidiasis, insomnia and depression, to backache, skin complaints, asthma, PMS, panic attacks and headaches.

Nutritional therapy will also benefit you if you have no specific illness, but want to maintain a state of optimum health. It is safe for babies and children as well as adults, and the change of eating patterns that is typically prescribed usually has far fewer side-effects than synthetic medicines, and doesn’t include cutting out whole food groups, unless this has already been agreed with your medical practitioner.

We may well be 'what we eat' but we are definitely 'what we absorb' and poor absorption of nutrients from the diet is the cause of many health problems.  Generally, if the gastro-intestinal tract is in a healthy condition our bodies thrive, and vice versa.

Nutritional therapy is a holistic discipline to help people of all ages to stay at their personal peak of energy and vitality. Today, new insights of food scientists play a significant role in the practice of nutritional therapy as preventative medicine.

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